About Download Calculator.net

Download Calculator is an experimental project designed to quickly and easily calculate the estimated time taken to download, upload, or transfer a file, given a particular download speed or bandwidth. To calculate your estimated download speed, click here.

Download Planner is designed to quickly and easily calculate the required amount of bandwidth required to transfer a certain amount of data within a specified time frame. This can be useful for determining for example what upload speed would be required to perform a nightly incremental backup over the connection.

More advanced modules will be added in the near future which will allow IT users to quickly convert between bits, bytes, kilobits, kilobytes, megabits, megabytes, gigabits, gigabytes, etc.

Download Calculator was first launched on December 1 2013

Please note that download speeds are approximate and assume a best case scenario. Calculated speeds are usually not quite attainable after allowances for overheads, connection quality, performance of and available bandwidth to the server hosting the file/s, bandwidth contention, processing overheads, and other factors. You should always add a buffer to allow for these factors.

This website refers to a Kilobyte as 1024 bytes, Megabyte as 1024 Kilobytes, etc. and a Kilobit as 1000 bits, Megabit as 1000 Kilobits, etc. Although not scientifically accurate, these figures are common standards used by Microsoft and Linux operating systems. For a more detailed explaination please visit the Info page. Additionally, 1 byte is referred to as 8 bits, which is the standard used in nearly all modern computer systems. Although extremely rare, some systems may use a different standard.